Caught in the wrong crowd growing up, Pastor Hawkins spent a total of ten years behind bars for low-level offenses starting when he was 18 years old.
In his final years behind bars, Brian felt the call to not only save his own life but also to help others stuck in the cycle of crime. Pastor Hawkins founded a mentorship and faith organization from inside state prison that prepared inmates for the world outside and to give the, strength to take control of their own lives through repentance and faith. Brian’s sermons from inside prison attracted hundreds of inmates on a weekly basis. Whether from the pulpit or at the park across the street where he holds office hours in the community every week. Pastor Brian is laser focused on bringing people together.Since being elected to the San Jacinto City Council, Pastor Hawkins has focused on better the lives of his constituents. As councilman, he’s accomplished lower
San Jacinto’s crime rate, decreasing the homeless population, launch major road repair initiatives, providing more funding for small businesses, and has been an active supporter of school choice.

In 2021. disgusted by the past summer’s worth of indoctrination and baiting of black people in America, Pastor Brian announced his bid for United States Congress in California’s 25th District.


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