DeAnn’s PAASS Kids, an acronym for DeAnn’s Pass Area Activities Sports and Stuff is an organization for people with special needs that started in 2006 with the DeAnn and Mike Dobbin coordinating their first baseball game after having moved to the area from Montclair four years prior. “There was nothing out here” for their daughter to participate in. “After a while, our boys were in soccer and doing activities, but we’d have to drive to Montclair and Ontario” to make sure that our daughter, Samantha, too, was involved in recreation. Beaumont Youth Baseball welcomed the family’s efforts to start a baseball program for those with special needs, and the Dobbins family was ecstatic. Eventually, DeAnn’s PAASS Kids amalgamated the baseball efforts into a single group, with a game at 10 a.m.: whoever showed up, got to play baseball. “We would make sure that everyone who came would participate,” DeAnn says.