At the Family Chiropractic Wellness Center we are your leading providers of chiropractic care in Beaumont, CA. Drs. Gary Wines and Kathryn Nielsen-Wines offer chiropractic exams, pain management, cold laser therapy, and more.  Find out what else you can receive when getting chiropractic care.

We offer total chiropractic care ranging from wellness care to treatment for back pain. Your treatment begins with a chiropractic consultation and examination. This way Drs. Wines and Nielson-Wines can get a full understanding of your physical pain or illness. If needed, we also use x-rays to diagnose your back or neck pain.  Through chiropractic care we use a spinal adjustment to realign your spinal column. If you are suffering from herniated discs, slipped discs, or a pinched nerve, and adjustment can reposition the problematic areas.


Our Address:

1074 Beaumont Ave., Beaumont, CA 92223