Unity. Loyalty. Advancement. Charity. It’s what drives United Legwear & Apparel Co. to be the best global designer, manufacturer, and distributor of legwear, bodywear, apparel, and accessories. Founded in 1998 by Isaac E. Ash to make the very best legwear on the market, ULAC is an industry leader offering a full range of products for babies, kids, teens, and adults. We strive to sell our products at affordable prices for families. Hard work and exponential growth year on year has transformed ULAC into a global apparel and accessories company.Our goal to deliver superior products that ensure superior customer satisfaction is made possible by our team of dedicated professionals who work together to make the company the best in business. Our manufacturing, distribution, and logistics division produces the highest quality products at the best possible prices without cutting corners. Integrity of goods is key, so compliance and quality assurance are top priorities, along with meeting every delivery date—whether shipping across the state or around the world.

We strive to foster an inclusive company culture that stands united to accomplish our mission. We are loyal to our people, supporting their development and ability to achieve excellence. We believe that when people bring their personal best to work each day, it leads to success, advancement, and upward mobility for all. We believe every individual has two hands: one to help themself, and one to help others. We pride ourselves in our value of charity and the commitments we make to help people in need. ULAC supports organizations that help those compromised by sickness, poverty, natural disasters, socioeconomic inequality, and other dire circumstances.


Our Address:

36855 W. 4th Street, Beaumont, CA 92223